Dear Death,

Would you please give us a break?

We’ve been through so much already and I understand that all these things are supposed to make us stronger. But. It also makes us a little more coconuts each time. Could you just back off for a while? Let us enjoy life enough to not think it mostly sucks BIG FAT HAIRY BALLS!

I mean, this month last year you took my aunt so suddenly from me forcing me to miss my anniversary while I mourned. And this year? You took Visceral’s aunt just as suddenly and forced her to miss out on our first trip together out of state.

Don’t forget the fact that my hubs’ uncle is currently fighting a terminal disease all while his entire family is against him. And you do this just when work started picking up for him allowing us the capability to climb our way back out of debt. So now, he has to choose between providing for his family and spending what little time he has left with his uncle.

You bastard! Why would you do that?

Why would you tear us down just when we’re at a high in our lives? Do you think we deserve this kind of pain? How is someone supposed to feel reason for striving when all they ever get is pain when they try?

Leave us alone for a while. Is that too much to ask?

Dear Life,

Could you please tell Death to take a vacation and let you do the work for a while? I’m sure I’m correct when I say that we all would like to enjoy you while you’re here. Or would you rather us hate you as much as we hate Death?

I’m just saying.


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Blogging directly from the Mama Stony's Mental Institute. I have a husband, two young daughters, and two cats. The five of them combined is like a typhoon that wreaks havoc on my nerves. For some, that's all that is needed in order to understand why I've almost completely lost my mind. For the rest, here's a slightly lengthier explanation: I strive for organization, while my little family is pure chaos. Just trying to keep up with the housework they produce is overwhelming and intense for me. It's a daily battle with myself to keep my anxiety from shooting through the roof and exploding all over the place. Some days are easier, but most are not. Even though I'd like to, I avoid putting on make-up, spending more than 10 minutes on my hair, ironing, and accessorizing because it takes too much time and I could be using that time being productive elsewhere. Despite everything I do, at the end of each day I usually feel like I could have done more. I'm a workaholic without a job. I'm a story-teller without an audience. I hate being alone, but spend most of my days without much adult interaction. I'm artistically driven but not very creative. I want to do more but already have too much to do. And yes. I do frequently burst into song and dance.

2 thoughts on “Dear Death,”

  1. no kidding. My mother in law has lost 2 husbands, her mother, and stepfather to cancer. The latter 3 in the last 3 years. Clint’s paternal grandmother has survived breast cancer only to be diagnosed with alzheimers which his maternal grandmother also had which my maternal great grandmother had.

    I think we’ve had at least 1 death every year for the last 5 years including friends.

  2. damn…clicked too soon. how do we edit? lol.

    The most recent death was my father in law whose funeral was the day before my birthday last year.

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