The sore arms are well worth it

Warning: I’m still learning how to write reviews so this may, or may not, suck. Here goes.

I don’t play video games much. Never really have the time. I’ve also been known to be pretty timid whenever asked to join a game of Halo or whatever it is everyone else is playing. I’m just not that good. Or maybe just not that interested. Your guess is as good as mine. Either way, I haven’t played much. As a matter of fact, I’ve gone for years without touching a controller unless I was passing it from one player to another.

That was, until my birthday last year.

Two weeks prior, the hubs and I took a trip to Colorado to visit some friends. There were five of us, a four-day weekend, and a whole lot of booze. That’s when I (along with everyone else there) was introduced to Boom Blox. The basics of it is, you knock shit over, blow things up, or water blast objects with baseballs, bowling balls, bombs and a water hose. Almost everything in the game is floating, balancing, cute and/or dancing. OH. MY. GOD. Is there anything more fun?

There are so many fun games, I can’t choose a favorite.

Jenga anyone? There are a lot of different Jenga-type games. Some are typical. But my favorite has to be where there is a platform on top holding a handful of baby cows. If you drop them, they jump, or you crush every last one of them, you lose the game. Not only do you have to pull the right blocks, but you also have to move quickly if the tower starts to tip. Turn the screen and pull a block from the other side to make the tower lean the other way. Just don’t pull too hard, too fast, or too much to the left! You might just knock the whole platform down killing all the cows at once. Saving them is the goal. And who doesn’t get pleasure from saving most at least one all of those cute baby cows while flinging blocks?

Bombs! Don’t hit the block with the bomb or you’ll blow shit up. Bombs! HIT the block with the bomb because you want to blow shit up.

Even though there is a one-player setting, I think this game was made for a group. A group of drunken adults to be exact. Just trying to blow more shit up than your three other friends is so much fun. Especially when you start talking shit to each other and screaming at the television. Anyone observing can’t help but laugh.

Then you add some alcohol. When things slow down or you notice who usually wins at certain games, add some motivation. Every time someone knocks over a 50 block (trust me, those suckers are heavy), they have to take a shot. Depending on what the desired level of sobriety or drunkenness is, the strength and aim of a player, or lack thereof, is heightened. You’ll instantly see a person go from “Wimpy! Wimpy! Wimpy!” to “Oh my god! Calm down! Save some alcohol for us!”. Or. “Wait. What happened? You were beating all of us. Now you can’t even hold the controller?!”

That entire weekend I never actually picked up the controller and played for myself. At the time, watching my friends make fools of themselves was all the fun I needed. Still, after that weekend, I couldn’t stop thinking about how it would feel to play. For my birthday, I asked the hubs if we could get a Wii and Boom Blox. I’m so glad we did.

I could go on and on about it, but I won’t. Trust me. This game is all kinds of crazy fun. Just be sure to stretch your arms if it’s your first time. All the throwing will make you sore for the next few days. For me, it was definitely worth it.

This video was taken the weekend at my friends’. It was early on and very little alcohol was consumed prior to taking the video. But maybe you could imagine just how crazy everyone got after they were slightly intoxicated. It’s been decided that Boom Blox was mandatory at every gathering after that.