Mama Mia!

So, last Tuesday, I blogged about having to take my Yorkie into the vet to get spayed, and since then, I’ve received GREAT news.

I won’t have to pay to get her babies aborted. YAY! My grandmother’s friend breeds Yorkies, and has offered to take care of Mia just before she gives birth, and the weeks after that.  Stones offered the same, and I’m incredibly thankful for that, but I didn’t want to put any more of a burden on her as her life is already hectic enough. I will be able to visit Mia while my Grandma’s friend is taking care of her, and I’ll be able to bring her home once the puppies are old enough to be without her.  Let’s just hope I don’t get myself attached to any of them.


So, my one and half year old Yorkie, Mia, is pregnant.

Before I go on explaining how stressed out I am about this, I would just like to say, SHE IS A DAMN HUSSY.

I haven’t been able to get her fixed yet because of financial obligations, and now that she’s all knocked up, I wish I had spent the money on that instead of buying music. Anyways, so my grandmother’s Yorkie, Toby, corrupted her innocence, and got the broad pregnant. How rude, right? I mean, because seriously, Mia was an ANGEL. Like me. (Shut up, you know I’m an angel. These horns growing out of my head? Purely a fashion statement.)

I called Mia’s vet and set up an appointment for this Thursday, so I can have her spayed. Which also means that they are going to abort the babies. I feel so shitty because of it. The thing is, I can’t handle a litter of puppies right now. I would love to be able to have Mia stay pregnant, so she can shoot little Yorkies out of her no-no place, and I’ve thought about giving the puppies away or selling them once they’re born, but I’ve read up on it, and my anxiety will not be able to handle that. I would have to keep the babies for at least 4 weeks before I can give them away. There is NO fucking way in hell that I would be able to do this. The stress from Jasta (my 2 year old Yorkie) and Mia already makes me lose all coolness sometimes. Imagine having a litter? No thanks.

I’ve cried over this a couple of times because the idea of having to abort her pups just … kills me. It’s not something I’m prepared to deal with, though.

Does this make me a bad mommy?

*cries. again.*

Dear Death,

Would you please give us a break?

We’ve been through so much already and I understand that all these things are supposed to make us stronger. But. It also makes us a little more coconuts each time. Could you just back off for a while? Let us enjoy life enough to not think it mostly sucks BIG FAT HAIRY BALLS!

I mean, this month last year you took my aunt so suddenly from me forcing me to miss my anniversary while I mourned. And this year? You took Visceral’s aunt just as suddenly and forced her to miss out on our first trip together out of state.

Don’t forget the fact that my hubs’ uncle is currently fighting a terminal disease all while his entire family is against him. And you do this just when work started picking up for him allowing us the capability to climb our way back out of debt. So now, he has to choose between providing for his family and spending what little time he has left with his uncle.

You bastard! Why would you do that?

Why would you tear us down just when we’re at a high in our lives? Do you think we deserve this kind of pain? How is someone supposed to feel reason for striving when all they ever get is pain when they try?

Leave us alone for a while. Is that too much to ask?

Dear Life,

Could you please tell Death to take a vacation and let you do the work for a while? I’m sure I’m correct when I say that we all would like to enjoy you while you’re here. Or would you rather us hate you as much as we hate Death?

I’m just saying.


Accessorize appropriately

My wedding ring is just another accessory.

Yes. You read that right. An accessory. Like my clothes, socks, shoes, and car. it’s just another peek into the type of person I am. Accessorizing for the occasion. Let me explain.

I used to think that I had to receive an engagement ring before I’d marry someone. It had to have a stone that stuck out far enough to leave a mark if I decided to punch someone in the face. Our wedding bands had to match it perfectly. In order to let everyone know that I’m happily married, it had to blind people when they looked at it. I envisioned it the way the world told me it should be.

What a surprise I was in for. No ring was involved when we decided to tie the knot. There was no need. Instead of him going alone, we went together to shop for them. Neither one of us wanted him to come home with one I didn’t want. The hubs spotted it first and pointed it out to me. I took one look at it and fell in love. With the ring. I was already in love with the guy. Bastard swept me off my feet and refuses to put me down!

My ring is a simple thin band with a small diamond set in it. It’s only one ring but it is almost a combination of an engagement ring and wedding band. Until that moment, I didn’t really realize what I truly wanted.

You see, I can’t stand rings with parts sticking out too much. With the way I am, it would snag on my clothes, get caught in my hair, or scratch my face. I’m also quite rough with my hands and don’t need to worry about accidentally slamming it down on a hard surface and knocking the stone out. Plus, I don’t need two rings to worry about losing. Believe me, I’m surprised I haven’t lost my ring yet.

I’ve been known to be quite frugal when it came to making purchases for myself. If I could get something nice at a low price, you bet I’d go for it. I don’t want a ring that cost more than my car. So it’s no surprise that my ring was paid off quickly and without tears. Not that others shouldn’t get them. If it fits their taste and lifestyle, then by all means, they should get what they want. I’m just cheap and easy.

And with it, taken.

With the fear of breaking or losing my ring came an idea. Maybe I could get a “stand-in” ring to wear instead and then I can lock the original one up in a safe and only use it for special occasions. After thinking about it, I put the thought away. Because. What would people think of me? They’d think I was insane for not wearing my ring. Or maybe they’d assume that I’m not as into my marriage as I make it seem. But I am. Maybe even more than anyone knows because I can’t find the words to describe how I feel.

I don’t wear my ring to prove to the hubs that I love him and I’m his forever. I’ve got other ways of letting him know. If you know what I mean. Wink. Wink!

After finding out that I’m not the only one with the substitute ring idea, I decided to find out what the hubs thought. He didn’t seem to mind and said that I should lock the original ring up in the safe when I get another one. Oh how awesome it is when our brains are on the same wavelength.

I’ve already got a stand-in. The pictures up there show the ring I’m currently wearing. Guess what? It’s a ring I’ve had for years and used to wear on my right hand. I found it while going through my jewelry looking for a necklace to wear. I’m pretty sure it cost me less than twenty dollars. Yup. My stand-in wedding ring is the same price as a dvd or hardcover book. Now I’m thinking, as long as I keep it cheap, maybe I can get more.

One for every day of the week. Or month!